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There are four defenses (besides the trapper) that a village with no troops can have: 1. natural defense, 2. morale bonus, and 3. residence/palace defense. 4. Wall. Natural defense is an innate defense value for every village. Morale bonus makes the defense stronger if the attacking village has more population than the defending village. The buildings "residence" and "palace" add to the village's defense rating.

I don't have the exact numbers for natural defense and morale bonus. For example, I'm not certain whether the morale bonus provides defense points, a percent bonus, or both (although I'm pretty sure it provides a percent bonus). The numbers for the residence/palace are available in this thread: The values that the morale bonus multiplier can assume (between 1 and 1.5) are explained in this post:

Contrary to popular belief, the wall does NOT provide defense of its own. However, it increases the strength of any existing defenses, including the natural defense, morale bonus, and residence/palace defense.

Here are some general patterns:

1. A non-hero infantry or weak cavalry unit sent alone will ALWAYS die. (The only exception is each tribe's scout unit.) You need to send at least two. 2. When raiding with Gaul phalanx and you don't want casualties, you will probably need at least three if the defender's population is less than yours. If the population is MUCH less (e.g. you have 60+ population and they only have 2) and for some reason you are using a normal attack instead of a raid, then you may need four or even five or six. For the exact number of phalanx you need, look at this thread: 3. I believe that using a raid instead of a normal attack will reduce your losses. 4. Don't send chiefs/chieftains/senators alone. Ever.

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