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0 Talk Whats a forum name15c vs 9cropper wheat producion8x speed server
Activate hero costAfter I max the sawmill if I knock it down will I still keep the resource bonusesAlliance description code
Are scripts legealAre the Australian servers down I've been unable to access any Australian pages all afternoon, and I've tried multiple computers. Started Wednesday night 9 Jun 2010Are there any legal cheats in Travian for mac
Are they cheats for travianAre travian scripts legalBest time third village
Build order for world wonder villageBuildibg to village defenceCan't even access Travian Australia forum pages, who is best to contact about Australian servers being down
Can crannies be destroyedCan i be wiped outCan i capture animals in peace time
Can i destroy my palceCan i destroy my residence and keep the villages foundedCan i kill troops trapped in the trapper of the owner
Can i raid an alliance memberCan i rebuild my villageCan the power of alliance Founder Can Take by Anyone
Can u continue building a Lv 1 Great Granary to next level if u lost the builder's artefact to someonelse while the G.Granary still at lv 1Can we please get a moderator to filter out the useless questions - such as 'Teutons in ancient times', etc. There is no need for this kind of stuff in the QandA section.Can you demolish a village
Can you destroy a crannyCan you kick Alliance founderCan you kick Alliance member
Can you move your villageCan you raid your own alliance member if he is innactiveCan you sit and use a player if he is inactive
Can you skip the tutorial in TravianCat damage tablesCats needed to destroy treasury
Change my capitalChanging your capitalCheat in travian
Cheats für MacCode for confedConquering from same alliance
Conquering own villageCp for buildingsCulture points for buildings
Decipher construction plansDo the Palace and residence add to village defenceDo troops always consume crop while on raids attacks.
Does a tournament square help with merchantsDoes the Travian IRC (Internet Relay Chat) provide a channel that only a single alliances members can seeDoes the main building add to defence of village
Does upgrading your city wall increase your populationEdit Getting The Most Culture Points For The Fewest ResourcesEdit alliance description
Enough resources today at 05:15 pmGrow a second villageHow can I find 15c on travian map
How can I send a tribute to another playerHow can i help the communatyHow can i incerase my pop in traviannnn
How can i increase my self esteemHow can i register as natureHow can you increase my self esteem
How can you increase your self esteemHow do I avoid constant raids? I've been raided 4 times in the last 6 hours!How do I capture an artifact from an alliance mate
How do I make linksHow do I send resourcesHow do I transfer my account to another person
How do i change my capitalHow do i check if a raid will be successfulHow do i expand
How do i get soldiersHow do i mass messageHow do i scout a village
How do i scout an oasisHow do i transfer goldHow do you calculate differences between speed in servers
How do you change your capitalHow do you claim a nature square i killed the natures now i forgot how to claim itHow do you find out the resources lost and gained by both players in an attack
How do you free the first slot to get 3 cheifs in your capitalHow do you help the natarsHow do you leave an alliance
How do you relocateHow do you send a message to more than one personHow do you send a message to the entire alliance
How do you set up a NAPHow does your populationHow does your population increase
How is the relation between bulding and populationHow long do you have to wait before attacking a former alliance memberHow long does 3x speed server game last
How long does a 8x speed server game lastHow long does a T4 speed server game lastHow long does a regular speed server game last
How long does a regular speed server last t4.0How long does a speed server game lastHow long does a speeded server game last
How long does ae server lastHow long does it take for the build plans to unbanHow long does it take to build a level 1 WW
How long does it take to build up a WWHow long does it take to level up a world wonderHow long does it take to level up each level for the World Wonder
How long is a game roundHow long odes a speed server lastHow long to build lvl 100 WW
How many catapultsHow many catapults needed to destroy a level 10 crop fieldHow many catapults needed to destroy a treasury
How many catapults needed to destroy a treasury having some defenseHow many catapults needed to destroy croplandHow many catapults to desto level 10 grainary
How many catapults to destroy buildingsHow many days does 3x takeHow many fire catapults needed to destroy a level 5 stable
How many phalansex required to raid unoccupied oasisHow many troops are allowed in a 15 cropperHow many troops are in a WW
How many troops should i send to capture an artifactHow many villages can i buildHow much attack bonus does blacksmitih give
How should I choose a tribeHow the romans attacted and defendedHow to Raid unoccupied oasis travian
How to a my villageHow to accept a NAPHow to build croplands
How to captureHow to capture wild animalsHow to change capital
How to complete destroy a villageHow to conquer existing vilageHow to create a server
How to defend against catapultsHow to defend yourself from catapultsHow to delete my account
How to destroy a villageHow to edit alliance decription pageHow to find a Natar village
How to find a crop landHow to find a server numHow to get cultur pionts up
How to get population upHow to get unlimited resourcesHow to gind crop land
How to grow hair fasterHow to grow second village fastHow to join confederation
How to make bread in traviansHow to make linksHow to make many troops
How to make many trpopsHow to mass mail in TravianHow to offer a nap
How to own an oasisHow to plan attackHow to raid nature oasis
How to recall reinforcementsHow to send a mass messageHow to set up a confederacy
How to write conderacies on descriptionHow travian createdI attacked someone with no defence and lost my troops
I would like to know if there is a WW biuld order plan to biuld WW the fastestIf I destroy the Armory or Blacksmith will I loose the research for troopsIf an enemy catapult hits your building while you're expanding it, how is the construction resolved - as in, is the expansion completed, if so to what level and if not where do the resources go
If i have 250 scouts and my attacker comes with 500 scouts will i not notice his scout attackIn the very first travian was there crop fields that were 18 cropIs there a way to determine how many Gaul Trebs it would take to destroy certain buildings and resources tiles
Is there any cheats for this gameIs there any cheats for travianKnocking down a residence
Know the correct temperatures for holding meat/poultryLeast amount of cats to knock down a level one residenceLevel 10 warehouse
Level 16 cropland production on speed serverMass alliance messgeOrder Amlodipine Online. Express Shipping & Customer support
Our architects need some more time to decipher the contruction plan.Ow do we get more PopularationPlz give me tricks for using cheat code
Raid unoccupied oasisRaid unoccupied oasis travianRams to destroy a wall level 20
Rams to destroy level 20 wallRecall support troopsScout a village
Scout defenses and troopsSend troops out of the village before the attackServer 5 may 2008
Should i release imprisoned troops from my trapperSitting an inactive playerSpeed of attack using different troops
Speed server durationSpeed server game lastStep by step how to raid an an unoccupied oasis
Strategy to attack players that have scouting artifactSword in fesvriptionTask 16: Instructions
The sequence of buildings to destroyThis is a retarded questionTime to level up the World Wonder
Trade office marketplaceTraining troops in second villageTravain cultures points
Travian Academy has not researched anything yet. What could I have missedTravian AnswersTravian Answers On the Wiki Wiki Activity Random page Videos Images Popular pages Community Contribute Watchlist Random page Recent changes Welcome to Travian Answers. What would you like to know Ask How can I find 15c on travian map
Travian cheats for macTravian high population buildingTravin cheats for mac
Troop time calculationTroops to get artifactUpgrades on units
Using the trapperWhT re adventuresWhat's Alliance diplomacy
What's a forum nameWhat's the defensive value against spears with a gaul TT heroWhat's the maximum amount of resource that can be sent to a player each day
What a forum nameWhat are adventuresWhat are good online games for kids
What are some cheatsWhat are the differen types of attackWhat are the requirements to train pathfinders
What does "Your Architects need some more time to decipher the construction plan." meanWhat does it mean by forum nameWhat does sim mean
What happens to the opponent's trapped troops after I release themWhat happens to troops if i release them from a trapWhat happens when the server ends
What is TravianWhat is a fakeWhat is a forum
What is a forum nameWhat is a fourm nameWhat is this site about
What should i do with 1st village after i have a fewWhat to catapultWhat to do to raise the negative crop
What you need to be able to receive invitation to join confederationWhats a forum nameWhats an forum name
Whats server ones codeWhen a chief takes a village, do i get all the same levels of buildings as they hadWhen a hero is sent to a WW for defence, does he provide a defensive bonus to troops from the village he was sent from only, or also for troops sent from other villages of the same account
When is it best to build a second villageWhen was Travian createdWhere are cheiftens made
Where do i enter 0 to check my protectionWhere is 15 cropperWhere is it the best to build a second village
Who controls reinforcements in TravainWho created this siteWho has best attacker
Who has won server au4Who to find when sever is deadWho to find when we can't access the sever
Why do I get this message.our architects need some more time to decipher the contruction plan.Why when you cant log in it sais you dont egxistWill I lose beginner protection if I start raiding
Will shifting capital from one village to another downgrade resource tilesWorld wonders levelsYour architects need some more time to decipher the construction plan.
Your architects need some more time to decipher the contruction plan
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